Lady Exchange, demo TAPE

You can talk about influences all you like and then you can see how an influence, an idea, once removed from the source and watered down with other "influences" can turn out to be a nothing. Then you hear the awesome, untitled, anonymous 3-tracker from the Lady Exchange and you realise that influence is not enough since, as someone clever once said, genius steals.

Sonic Youth form no small part of the Lady Exchange's record collection, I suspect. The opening track (no titles on this tape) is like an amorphous summation of all the tracks on "Dirty" with the groove of "Sugar kane" featuring heavily. Track 2 is more claustrophobic, dual vocals and a heaving riff interchange and the song winds up. And stops. For variation, the last one sounds a bit more like Dinosaur Jr. at times. 1/1 27 Lacrosse Terrace, Kelvinbridge, Glasgow, G12 8EX

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