Various, Chunk number 1 (Crash the Luau) tape

Tone Deaf Teens, Tweaked and 7 degrees North supply a couple of tracks each that demonstrate there's more to Hawaiian music than grass skirts and gentle swaying. On side one the three bands stick to relatively straight punk-pop---Offspring and a bit of RATM, the usual suspects. But flip over and get a more interesting take on the formula. Tweaked chop up their beats to give a lurching, catchy speedy love song, "Idiot"; 7 degrees North mellow out and give us a funky track reminiscent of those long-deceased tuneful Brummies, Onionhead (who in a bizarre future-echo recorded a Hawaiian/surf track on their first---and only?---12"). TDT finish things off with a Zappa-ed up "Existential field trip (The mad burrito)".

Best news is that you can get the thing for free:

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