Lucid Nation, American Stonehenge (Brainfloss) CD

I can't help thinking of Spinal Tap's disastrous miniature Stonehenge stage set, or the enormous Sabbath version that inspired it, but it looks like Lucid Nation are trying to draw a parallel between the druidic monument and modern-day skyscrapers...and they donate tracks to "cause" albums...hmmm. Luckily, they don't suffer from the usual downside of being right-on---they aren't shit. "American Stonehenge" turns the superfuzz and bigmuff of Mudhoney and early Hole down from 11, adds the groove of Luscious Jackson and contrasts some clean vocals with hyper-intense riot-grrrl screamage. High points are the Courtney Love bile of "Chainletter" and the trash of "Music saved my ass, again". West Coast post-punkish pop songs, and a zine too by the looks of things: 1015 North Kings Rd, 313 LA, CA 90069 or
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