Magoo, Vote the pacifist ticket today (Chemikal Underground) CD

Quantity does not necessarily a quality LP make. Magoo learnt this the last time round and have sensibly stuck to just 14 tracks here although more judicious pruning still would've made it 10 and the record a whole lot tighter. But that's Magoo's charm, like similar tunes-from-loons Number One Cup they take you to skewiff pop heaven one minute and shamble around like complete amateurs the next when they should be whipping out another ray of their glorious fuzz sunshine and converting you to their cult. Still, it's good to see a record that's obviously programmed for 2 sides of vinyl with the side 1 closer/side 2 opener pairing of "Billion dollar brain", where Magoo play with all the suave style of Michael Caine's 60's icon Harry Palmer, and single "Holy smoke", which weaves their falsetto into another scratchy-but-catchy winner, conspiring to keep you listening. Another flawed diamond.
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