Various, Mealtime (Planet Mu/Hut) CD

The much-feted drill'n'bass compilation completely fails to live up to expectations. Not on the quality front though---all's well there---but merely on the appropriateness of the label. Consider Red Snapper remixed by Plaid: hardly likely to engender ear-bleeding intensity is it? And it doesn't. Even Aphex stays relatively calm with his wobbly-BPM "Bummy".

Proceedings kick off with Jega's "DMC", undeniably Black'n'Decker but then we're at the mercy of Mike Paradinas' sequencing which knocks things down a peg with the organically trippy Red Snapper then boots you in the arse with Wafta's piss-take "Morpeth issot". And the trend continues, alternately intense and less-so until a triumvirate of hard-as-chain-mail tunes from Plug and Mu-Ziq himself close the disk. A storming compilation.

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