Mogwai, Young Team (Chemikal Underground) CD

Mogwai Young Team has to be considered a pretty cool piece of software. It grabs the best from several sonic traditions, and ends up coming off as some sort of arcane offspring of Telstar Ponies, The God Machine, Slint and (at times) Mercury Rev. Oh, and it also sounds like a more rock, more tranced 11th Dream Day at times. That's the offensively inaccurate references dealt with, so what does it do?

Well, it squalls, murmurs, builds, destroys, rocks hard, soothes softly, chimes beautifully, taps you on the shoulder and shouts, "Oi!!! Listen the fuck to this!!" before gently weaving some harrowing/touching tapestry of musical emotion to leave you pondering the complexity of lining up the patterns in the paper on your wall. And it leaves off the depressing vocals too --- in fact there's only three vocals on the whole album, one of which is an answer-phone message, all of which fit and soothe.

It also comes complete with a life affirming sixteen minutes long, flute riffed, feedback drenched symphony-type affair that may well fry yer brain for a couple of hours. Don't delay, buy yours today...(Drew)

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