The Monsoon Bassoon, In the Iceman's back garden/Wise guy (Weird Neighbourhood) both 7"

If I was to say Tim Smith produced these two singles you should be able to stop reading now and just order them, the address is at the bottom. But if you didn't get it, I'd give you a nudge and say "heart attack". If you still looked perplexed I'd suggest you seriously re-evaluate the worth of your record collection in light of the fact that all the Cardiacs albums were re-released last year.

So now you understand, Monsoon Bassoon are the kind of band that Organ were calling pronk all those years ago: proggy bombast and stylistic excess welded to punk energy, thrill and speed. No two consecutive bars are the same, the total antithesis of bands like Tortoise or Mogwai, there's loads of fiddly bits, a fidgetful beat, tons of influences and an archly British, eccentric theatrical edge. Not a million miles from the Gag single (reviewed elsewhere) but a little more coherent. It's a beauteous noise and an education your ears will thank you for. PO Box 7279, London, E5 8XQ. Each single 2.75, cheques to J. Fowers.

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