Motorama, Kill yourself!!! There are no jobs, there is no future

I met Motorama while I was on holiday recently. They're based in Vancouver, but have their eyes on much bigger places--which is why I was somewhat surprised when they pressed a demo tape into my sweaty palms, obviously thinking I might be able to do something for them.

On this evidence, I don't think they'll need my aid at all; although the tape was recorded a while ago "and we don't sound like that any more" (but which band ever sounds like their last demo?), they've got enough hooks that they could certainly do some serious business. The music is a churning, grinding brand of noise/industrial, a slowed-down, fuzzed-up, feedback-drenched lo-fi recording of a sound-proofed torture chamber. With a band outside...and the singer inside. The vocals are mixed so low as to be almost indecipherable, only the emotion filters through the layers of guitar while the bass and drums drive everything along in a surprisingly melodic way.

One of those bands that you'd really want to see live, I suspect they would be bone-crushingly heavy. Like putting your head in a car-compacter. If that sounds like your bag of crap, write to: Motorama, 490 E 6th, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V5T IK6.

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