Various, Mutant Beatz (Mutant Sound Systems) CD

The subtitle "abstract hip-hop, future funk and science fiction soul" is actually more apt than you might think possible. This international compilation kicks off with Toronto's Heavy Handed, a rollin monster with dubby bass and speedy breaks, cracks on with homeboys Faceless (who hail from Norwich way) who drop a funk-fuelled Hammond-led beatzkreig bop. Not a million miles away from Bentley Rhythm Ace in their more straightforward moments. Black Pearl up the ante with the pick of the disc, "Trife" a loping hip-hop wedge, old-skool in that it's a beat and a rhyme, bang up-to-date with shedloads of groove. Other notables include Euphonic vs Soothsayer and Dr. Israel with some hip-hop/jungle crossover, Survival Sounds' jazz and Rude Kultcha's shuffling moody breakbeats. Top notch import action.
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