Mount Vernon Arts Lab, Gummy Twinkle (Via Satellite) CD

"Excellent," your hackneyed hack thinks to himself as the first sub-drone soundwaves mumble out of the speakers, "it's time for the book." He reaches into his grubby parka and pulls out a tatty-looking address book, fingering the entry for M. He opens the book, whispers "Mount Vernon Arse Lab..." and begins to chuckle softly, graduating through a gentle laugh, loud snort and wild-eyed guffaw in quick succession as he curls himself up into a ball of smugness and cruel childish power fantasy...

...30 minutes later he jerks up and snaps around to look at the clock: "where did the time go?" he wonders aloud.

Where indeed did the time go? Answer that and you'll have discovered the secret of the Arts Lab; much as you'd like to write them and their friends (Norman Blake, Sonic Boom, Disinformation and Prokect D.A.R.K) off as pretentious nobs nobbing around with broken answering machines, battery chargers and ZX81s, you soon find yourself being soothed and transported by the gentle undulation and sweet synthetic womb rhythms, the mains hum and the random noise. Best just to go with the (electron) flow. PO Box 7001, Glasgow, G44 4YZ

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