Orifice, Gollywoggle (Opaline) CD

Tribal Goth Grunge is not a genre that's been explored by many. Which makes Orifice pioneers of a kind, I guess. Add the PJ Harvey/Riot-grrrl vocals and it makes them the Livingstones of "psycho pop" (their term). At times they're like a rockabilly 7" at 33 ("Ricochet"), or switching between sub-bass grind and reverb pop every other bar ("Finch"), or acoustic and trebly ("Keep") or like Sidi Bou Said singing mourning songs ("Tightrope"). In fact, the Sidis are possibly the best comparison I can think of altogether. or 411A Highland Ave 342, Somerville, MA 02144, USA.

Sabot, [Sabo] (Null Pointer) CD

Next up we have the similarly-motivated Sabot. A more mellow, almost orchestral version of the blueprint though. Two female vocalists create spooky harmonies while the band weave minimal atmospherics in the background, heightening the tension with ebb and flow dynamics.
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