Quickspace, Happy song #2 (Kitty Kitty) CDS

The song that begat the monster 7" "Hadid" a couple of months ago now arrives on the shelves of this extra-terrestrial supermarket. Erm, that's Quickspace to me and you. It's a twisty droning bassy groove-noise with flute picking out a melody on top and some half-audible lyrics....absolutely bleedin marvellous. "Ming", on the other hand, sounds like it was recorded down a drain. If you missed it first time round, you'll be pleased to know that the "Hadid" 7" is also included.

Quickspace, Precious falling (Kitty Kitty) CD

From the sleeve notes for the Art of Noise's "Close up" 12" single (paraphrased): "Happy song #2" shrank into "Hadid" which now blows over into "Walk me home".

The 80's deconstructionists were past-masters at reworking and evolving their songs, getting new from old like Aladdin's wicked uncle in reverse. Quickspace turn the same trick here, twisting the outrageously messy bleep/pop/noise of "Happy song #2" into strange deviant forms that reflect their origins whilst simultaneously projecting whole new characteristics. They repeat the stunt with single "Precious mountain" which is ravaged twice---once as a waltz---and fill in the gaps with minimalistic space rock that promotes fragility as a pop weapon and is both affecting and affectionate.

To sum up, The Art of Noise is appropriate again, with the following (paraphrased from the same sleeve): whether you're doing the shopping or falling madly in love---Quickspace make it all just that much more special!

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