Raging F?!khell, Greatest hits TAPE

Following their biscuit-taking appearance on the "Chunk 2" compilation (reviewed elsewhere), Raging F?!khell repaired to their studio, such as it is, to record a whole tapeful of shred-guitar and fearsome caterwauling. Oh and plenty of swearing. "Fuck physics" takes Slayer, a walkman, basement acoustics, no drums and a case of laryngitis and constructs a noise which might be a philosophical treatise on the futility of attempting to rationalise Nature on a mathematical basis...or possibly just two bored schoolboys having a laugh. "Psycho ramblings/Fuck these ants" uses the same settings with a gentle Western intro to list a host of distasteful animals that culminates in the obvious anti-insect diatribe.

The other 15 tracks don't make significant musical advances, but do serve as a handy reference if you're ever short of a curse or two. Or three. But don't make the mistake of thinking this is the Hawaiin Macc Lads---despite the odd questionable lyric, this is very funny stuff indeed. or PO Box 1651, Pearl City, Hawaii 96782.

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