Rant, Sylvatic Rant (Reversing Recordings)

Professing to sound like no other band or, indeed, style of music is a grand claim to make and one which you'd need to be pretty damn special to live up to. Rant do claim just that and, sadly, are not special enough. What they are though is precision-riffing practitioners of a speed-metal meets Chili Peppers sub-genre. Now, I don't mind a bit of metal from time to time and Rant can do the deed well enough, they're technically very tight and (crucially) they don't resort to the death voice once which shows there's obviously something there. But not enough to back up the claims.

Somewhat strangely, after 12 tracks the LP turns all cheesy for a couple of songs before we get to the hidden track which sounds like a live take on the first number and is the best thing on here. The band are a bit looser and this makes all the difference as it gives the sound room to breathe. There's certainly promise in Rant (check out "Flight" which pushes the envelope a little) and next time round, we'll have a live album please.

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