Scraper, Built with hate (Household name)

Billed as ``raging UK hardcore'' Scraper have set themselves a difficult task by choosing one of the most restrictive and overcrowded genres in which to perform. Packed to the gills with blandly average practitioners, it's very hard indeed to stand out, even harder to progress once you do. Thankfully, the quality of this release is such that the first consideration can be ignored, the poppy squall that Makes up the 10 or so tracks on this blue vinyl (yay!) 10" (yay!) LP is such that every lyric is shouted, every vein is bulging and every song ends with a pleasingly distorted crunch. Like Snuff only harder, like China Drum only much much better, Scraper have certainly mastered the genre, it remains to be seen now whether they can do something fresh with it. (Order from Sean at Organ).
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