SMP, Ultimatum (Catastrophe) CD

"It's industrial Jim, but not as we know it" was Spock's opinion when I asked him. Unsurprisingly, he's right again...but at least I haven't got pointy ears. Anyway, SMP take the programming, creepy electro, synthetic bass and electronics of regular industrial but instead of assembling the identikit sub-standard, unimaginative dark techno of most of their peers, on half of this record they mess up the beats---some hip hop, some gabba---vary the BPM and rant with distorted bile. Not unlike later PWEI at times, or perhaps approaching hip hop with some of the spirit that Alec Empire attacks jungle. Highlight for me is "Topside" where a dubby bassline dribbles under high-end grainy percussion and spooky FX in a manner that wouldn't be out of place on the new Beasties album. PO Box 2154, Seattle, WA 98111-2154, USA
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