Snothead, Each it and I

Electro-industrial. Funky. Words that spring to mind. Industrial first with "if I only had a gun" twisting around itself, building all the time into "blip", a mean and nasty distorted vocal blast replete with call-and-response punkish shouting. Topper! and the album's high point. A more experimental vein is mined in the noise of "modulations" and "charlotte's web site" (white and ambient, respectively). The latter also features orb-like animal samples, not surprising really given the space dedicated to animal welfare on the sleeve. The remaining tracks are biased towards electro and hence do not do the business for me, although the downright funk and THAT riff in "makin it hard" deserves a mention.

This album crosses genres. If they were all genres I liked, this would be a massive plus for me, I like variation---done well (and this is done well). As it is, half the album is excellent, the rest I can live without.

Snothead, PO Box 4474, Louisville, KY 40204, USA

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