Various, Preaching to the perverted (Spank) CD

The smooth rubber mask was proving difficult to remove and I began to sweat as I clawed desperately at the eyeholes searching for a grip. The thrill of the chase was pumping high-octane adrenalin through my veins and I screamed in exasperation, flopping, broken, back onto the bed in the rented flat....No, you haven't just wondered into one of my adolescent fantasies, you've just found out how difficult it is to get a bondage mask off a CD case when a bit of moisture's got between the two and created a vacuum seal. Inspection of the sleeve once the mask is finally removed reveals a bunch of Rocky Horror fiends holding various dildos and shoving circular saws into their crotches. Nice work if you can get it.

OK, this is a soundtrack LP and, given the title and the packaging, you'd expect the film to be alright, but what about the music? Well, this is 70 minutes of classy techno by the likes of Omni Trio, The Aloof, Way Out West and Percy X mixed, for your listening pleasure, with music from the film itself, composed by Magnus and Maya, and overlaid with vocal samples like "just thinking about it makes me wet". Even without all the dressing, the music can hold its own: thumping the fours for just long enough as the BPM winds up, breaking down in a mildly ambient manner and (quelle surprise) somehow winding up again for the end. Cracking stuff.

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