Speedranch/Janksy Noise, Execrate (Leaf) 12"

Another weird psychobeat experience from the Leaf label, this time sounding like some kind of bizarre mutation of the Fall in the early 90s and a load of shit...and that's just the title. You could perhaps apply it to the music as well if you added gabba, intense breakbeat, overloaded crazy computers triggering unworldly samples, lightning strikes, pinball machines, bent electro and noise. Actually, this is a promo for an LP of the same name in which DJ Dpeedranch and Jansky Noise (of the cranky V/Vm) bastardise records by a bunch of their mates including 2nd Gen, Jega and Stock, Hausen and Walkman. Perversely, this sampler may not contain much that's on the album. An incredible trip, once again.
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