Malka Spigel, My pet fish (Swim) CD

Malka Spigel is a Jill of all trades on this record, a feat helped no doubt by the assorted Swim cohorts (Colin Newman and members of Lobe, Cusp and Plastic Venus) and Scanner, but lead throughout by Spigel's over-riding sense of, if not despair, then at least sadness. Stylistically, the spectral extremes are marked by the outright electronic of her Immersion project and the (ahem) balls-out riff-hammering pop of LP-closer, and self-describing, "It's odd". At various points between, although clustered towards the electronic end of the scale, we get the high points of "The fishes and the shining sea", a DM/Portishead cross-fertilisation, the harem'n'bass of "Memory of tomorrow" where arabic pipes float over a meaty break and "Parasites" which spreads a 60's vocal line and beginner's guitar riff onto a thumping beat.
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