Spraydog, Citrus bitumen (Ferric Mordant) CD

Listening to "Citrus bitumen" takes me back to the indie discos of my long-lost youth, dark smelly halls where sallow teenagers tried to out-black each other, drank cider and wished we were Robert Smith. The days when Dinosaur Jr. really were junior and the uncomfortable-looking Housemartin had never even considered becoming a solo Fatboy.

Spraydog peddle a nostalgic brand of scuzzy languid US guitarstuff with obvious zeal and depth. The chords flood in, the boy/girl vocals float, the drums dive and drive and black is, once again, the new black. There's echoes of the fuzzy British response too though: MBV, Pale Saints, early Ride and even the criminally-underrated Moose get a brief look-in as the strings jangle and submerge and the spirits of Seam, Sebadoh and Dinosaur Jr. loook contentedly on from above, sipping their cider and black and waiting for "Def Con One" so they can have a dance. PO Box 54, Heaton, Newcastle, NE6 5YW.

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