Suretoss, Harmless intentions (Best Kept Secret) TAPE

The first release from this Italian tape label is a Suretoss retrospective comprising 15 songs across 4 years and as many line-ups, the stable factor being songwriter Chris McFarlane and the C86 guitar pop bent. As is often the case, cover versions betray the true aims of a band and it's when the Wedding Present's "I'm not always so stupid" shows up at the end of side one that we see the true Suretoss---motivated by broken love affairs, sour relationships and a lacking sense of self-worth. Sadly, the limitations of 4-track recordings render the album a patchy affair, much of the emotion hidden under the production murk, except on the Weddoes track and the Pet Shop Boys' "Opportunities" which are both blasted through with obvious glee. Biron di Sotto, 101, 36100 Vicenza, Italy.
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