The Suspects, How I learned to stop worrying and love the ska (What it is)

You can tell it's a ska album--the sleeve's black and white Two Tone tribute is enough...and it's got "ska" in the title, I suppose. Although the genre rarely seems to give itself a great deal of room in which to mess around, the Suspects haved eked themselves out a corner and proceded to kick up a storm in it. They take the traditional ska elements but aren't afraid to experiment, even to the extreme of starting one song with a distorted guitar riff that wouldn't be out of place on "Bleach" and then not following it up with cack-handed ska-punk (thank God) but twisting it into a regular ska track. As always with this type of band, however they sound on record, you'd imagine they'd be better live; but if they're even half as good as this shows, you'd be in for a cracking time. No worries.
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