Triumph 2000, Mk I, Mk II, Mk III (all Amos) all 7"

My Uncle Jeff had a Triumph 2000. It was a very nasty shade of British Leyland light blue and rusted away to almost nothing in record time before just giving up the ghost. Fittingly, its registration was JUK 173N and, of course, we called it "junk". Thankfully, not an epithet to apply to this Triumph 2000, dealing as it does in stylised psychedelia and out-of-the-ordinary pop, and being comprised of 2 Leeds music scene stalwarts Richard Formby (everything) and Howard Stoery (vox).

The first disc kicks off with "Happy ever after", an extended Stone(r) Roses groove/jam and "Oscillate" where a super-lazy Stereolab drone over trashy breakbeats. "Hypnotist twist" is not the Mark E. Smith cut it should be, instead it's a Sgt Pepper-era Beatles disorganisation production that comes together at the right moments to create glorious noise and open "Mk II". On the other side "TFS #8" pays spiritual homage to Can's "EFS" tribal loop series although with a more electronic edge. "Mk III" finds us "Out there" in two parts, one per side. The first is the outward journey, a garage psych festival song which flips into reverse for the ride home and intensifies, a dark return trip. Like the Doors without an organ but also without a crescendo and hence an uneasy ending.

3 singles that could be at least 4 different bands, which is how we like it round here: quality, quantity and idiosyncrasy. or Unit 1, Union Bridge Mill, Roker Lane, Pudsey, W. Yorks, LS28 9LE.

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