TagYerIt, Heavy Construction (Wabbit)

When you encounter a band that wilfully subvert the pop-rock formula, there are two ways you can go: you might think "yow! twisting my expectations" or you might think "youch! twisting my melons". In the main, the line between the two is thin and staying on the right side of it is a difficult task. It's to their credit that TagYerIt tread carefully and generally avoid the kind of over-self-indulgent wankery that blights a lot of what they call "quirk rock".

Still, as with any band in this mould, not everything is for everyone -- see Camper Van Beethoven or Talking Heads -- but where the quirk works in "Subway surfing", "Self sabotage", "Heavy construction" and "Picnic" this disc is outstanding. If you're prepared to take a chance, you will not be disappointed.

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