Turk Knifes Pope, Performance crippling data restriction (Zenflesh) CD

"Music from the edge of the bed" runs the label tagline, but I doubt TKP made it even that far, their virtually non-existent shavings of treated noise wash into and out of silence like the contented dreams of an electronic brain made audio. The music is one hour-long movement which, although melting at times into several discernable segments, makes it impossible to talk about songs or tracks as such. Better to note that, as with so many experimentalists (see our Big Block 454 interview), there's a method in the slumbering madness---in this case audiopsychological experimentation into minimal differences motivates the Bowery Electricism and mutation/repetition...but quite what results are to be expected is anyone's guess. Continuing the research on the sleeve, the listener is confronted with apparrently random collections of 3-letter words, so it's fitting to end the review with another: Eno. PO Box 252065, LA, CA 90025, USA.
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