Toddio, Toddio (CD/tape)

Having heard their amazing cover of Bodycount's KKK Bitch on the Fight Primetime compilation on Kathode Ray, I was very keen indeed to get hold of more Toddio material. I was somewhat dismayed then, on first listen, to discover not wall-to-wall cut'n'paste mayhem as on the the aforementioned track, but a quirky mish-mash of vaguely surreal lyrics and guitar noodlings anchored by sturdy drums and occasionally crazy bass. Bugger.

On second, third, fourth and all susequent listenings though, things begin to make sense. Sure, it's only a twisted perverse kind of sense (see Ballbuster on the cassette) but sense nonetheless. It seems that Toddio are prepared to let you get inside their collective head if you're prepared to make the effort. Once in, you are treated to their skewed worldview. You can't listen to this CD one track at a time either, this is an all-or-nothing deal, the inclusion of KKK Bitch at the end serves only to snap you out of your trance state and re-orientate yourself in your own life again.

Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 23:14:09 -0600 (CST)

this just happened and I'm not sure what will happen to Todd.  I know the
true story and he is innocent.  

    Todd Blain, lead singer for the duo Toddio, was jailed 11-21-96
and charged with terroristic threatening and felony burglary.  The
charges stem from an incident involving his X-girl friend were he
allegedly broke into her home on 11-20-96 to recover items she kept
after a recent breakup.  The alleged threatening was said to have
taken place while he was trying to reconcile the relationship.

     He is being held on $2,500.00 bail in the Livingston Co. jail in
Smithland, KY and due to his vagrant status there is no bond option.
He will be arraigned on Monday 11-25-96.

Tim Blain-Toddio

The jails phone no. is 502-928-2196

Please pass this along

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