Victor Krummenacher, Saint John's mercy (Magnetic) CD

"Not particularly alternative, not country, not roots rock, not punk..." runs the press release. Not entirely true either. In common with all such documents this release accompanies fragments of the bona fide with plenty of whatever suits best. In fact, "Saint John's mercy" is undoubtedly alternative, country, roots rock. And punk? Well, credit where it's due.

So, it's an alternative to the grunting rentariffsters, the inane popsters, the tedious swingsters and the etcetera etceras in that it's a highly crafted suite of songs, both coherent and artful. It's a country record because its heart comes from the country in the same way that Talking Heads songs often did. Embellished though, not New Country, but maybe Country Nouveau. And it's roots and rock in the sense that the guitars snarl when necessary, in the way that the songs are energised and in the up-front soul baring. As the press release, rightly concludes: "...Krummenacher's music inhabits the space most writers hope to achieve: its own".

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