Warser Gate, All my hates, all my hang ups (Rafter) LP

"I opted for an extremely heavy-drinking Irish bar where breakfast entailed a whisky shot, full Irish breakfast, 4 pints of Guinness and a brandy to finish"---Kev, Warser Gate (personal communication).

Imagine 4 blokes who've eaten such a breakfast heading off to record an album with the tunes of Jesus Lizard, song titles of AC Acoustics and instruments of Shellac. That's this record by Warser Gate. Shards of guitar---angular; shouted vocal---intense, awry and out-there; cavernous drums---Can style and lashings of bass---distorted. All these you'll find on the openers "Going nowhere" and "Blind side of a calling card" after which things calm down a little with maybe a hint of Warsaw-era Joy Division until side 2 announces its arrival with the grind of "Your look alike", a seething slow burner and highlight of the 2nd half. 206 Westdale Lane, Gedling, Nottingham, NG4 4FT.

Warser Gate, Karneek Temple (Rafter) 7"

Another two DIY recordings from the East Midlands noise/grind mafia. Think underground, entombed and then disinterred, zombified remains playing sluggish dirtbox guitar with a vigour they haven't felt for several centuries. Lovely
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